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Indulge Yourself!

Why choose handmade soap?  Do it for your skin! 

Simply put, handmade soap uses natural ingredients and oil that help your body do what it does naturally, maintain a soft and protective surface.  Many commercial soaps are detergent bars laced with lotion and are very abrasive, mixed with water and preservatives it strips away your bodies natural oils. 

Silver City Soap Works are produced with pure oils that nurture your skin that can be felt in its softness. 

Don't believe us, try them for yourself!  You can purchase our soaps by clicking on the SHOP NOW tab at the top of this page or visiting us on at the link below.

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Here are some highlighted, high quality, luxury soaps.


Lavender & Herb

Lavender is the smell of relaxation and comfort.  Combines a perfect balance of lavender and herbal notes that will relax your senses while cleansing the skin, leaving it refreshed and soft.  See why Lavender & Herb is one of our best sellers for yourself.

Crisp Autumn Leaves

The smell of fall is in the air, fresh and clean.  Capture the senses of the season with this cleansing soap that is great for your skin.


Part of our Xtreme(tm) line, from the forged climates of heat and metal comes a soap like no other. The smell of super heated brick with a hint of steel. Stone and Oils combine to create a mixture that will blast away dirt to reveal the smooth and perfect you beneath.  Allow it to purify you.